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Teach Early

In 2015, FUTURES teamed up with the Ad Council to launch a public service announcement and website encouraging caregivers, teachers, and other mentors in the community to talk to boys about violence against women. Men and boys play a critical role in the prevention of domestic and sexual violence. The earlier we start talking to young people about healthy relationships and respect, the more likely they are to stand up when they see violence in their communities. Teach Early provides helpful tips, resources, and material to start the discussion.

There’s No Excuse for Domestic Violence

In 1994, FUTURES launched There’s No Excuse for Domestic Violence, encouraging millions of people to question their tacit acceptance of domestic violence—and to begin to take action to stop it. We launched a series of public service announcements aimed at making domestic violence everyone’s business. We asked viewers to imagine a world where no one excuses abusive behavior and everyone is committed to being part of the solution. View our There’s No Excuse for Domestic Violence public service announcements below. Please note that these announcements are no longer available for broadcast and can be used for educational purposes only.

Stairs View on YouTube Download Mp4
Neighbors  View on YouTube Download Mp4
Wrong Way Around View on YouTube Download Mp4
Father and Son  View on YouTube Download Mp4

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