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Health professional students and faculty have raised awareness and effected change across a host of issues through student-run clinics, outreach to the homeless, health care delivery to HIV-infected patients, and needle-exchange programs. Today, health professional students and faculty have turned their attention to domestic violence, supporting organizing efforts initiated at the local level while influencing health care delivery and quality on a national level. 

As a student committed to health care excellence, we invite you to join our national initiative by participating in these action steps:

1.    Download the Domestic Violence Campus Organizing Guide for Health Professional Students (PDF).
This folio identifies organizing strategies for health professional students and faculty to help raise awareness that domestic violence is a health care issue on campus and beyond. The folio provides recommendations on increasing student activism, curricular reform, on-campus trainings, community collaborations, faculty support, and provides examples of innovative approaches other professional health students have undertaken nationwide. Free hard copies may be ordered—consider passing these out to your classmates and faculty.


2.    Join the Health Students and Faculty Against Domestic Violence Listserv.
This monthly list connects over 250 professional health students and faculty interested in violence prevention and education. The list posts announcements on research, conferences, student projects and funding opportunities. This list is also a venue for students and faculty to share their work with each other and get feedback. Subscribe to the

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