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Be a Male Ally


In addition to talking to boys and serving as a role model and mentor for them, men can help to prevent violence against women by working as allies with women.

Because men in general still have more economic, political, and social power than women, the best way for men to work as allies is to use their position in whatever way they can to prevent violence. In particular, they can try to change the policies and conditions that contribute to violence against women.

Men who work as allies in this way see the benefits of gender and social equality in their own lives and the lives of the women around them. Being an ally also means being accountable to women and recognizing their leadership in violence prevention. As those who are most often targeted by gender-based violence, women must continue to lead in this field and the gender justice movement. It is essential for men, as allies, to listen to and learn from women and to be accountable for how they use their position in society. Learn more.

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