CBS Airs Domestic Violence PSAs

Many viewers have been alarmed that CBS’ Emmy Award winning reality show, The Amazing Race, featured a contestant who persistently abused his wife, on the air, this year. Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller were eliminated a few weeks ago, but only after viewers witnessed weeks of verbal abuse that turned physical when Baker shoved and nearly knocked Fuller to the ground in January.

Those scenes have been distressing to viewers – particularly domestic violence survivors and parents who once found the show to be family-friendly and educational for their children. Although the program’s host and other contestants chastised Baker at times, he suffered no consequences for his abuse in the “race.”

But in response to viewer protests and calls to take responsibility from the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) and others, CBS ran a domestic violence Public Service Announcement (PSA) during the show’s finale on Tuesday, February 8. The spot also aired during a February 15 prime time “Dr. Phil” special, Romance Rescue, which featured Baker and Fuller.

The FVPF/Advertising Council spots are part of the Coaching Boys Into Men campaign, which is funded by the Waitt Family Foundation. To learn more, go to

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