New International Center for Family Violence Prevention Fund

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Creating Futures Without Violence

Since 1980, FVPF has set the pace and standard for awareness, policies and action to stop violence in homes and communities. For more than 30 years, our accomplishments have made a difference in the lives of women globally.

  • We played a lead role in the landmark Violence Against Women Act and the recently introduced International Violence Against Women Act.
  • We wrote the platform for action on violence at the U.N. World Conference on Women in Beijing. 
  • We launched the first public education campaign on domestic violence in the United States.
  • We changed practices in police departments and courtrooms, human resource departments and Board rooms to better support those who are victimized by violence and abuse.
  • We were the first to train doctors and nurses to recognize abuse and help victims.
  • And we were the first to engage men – as coaches, mentors, and positive role models to boys.

Our efforts to reach ever-greater numbers of people are increasingly international, illustrated in our work with UNICEF to enlist soccer coaches and celebrity players in 150 countries as teachers of violence prevention. The scope of our endeavors has broadened to encompass worldwide victims of violence, including women and children sold into sexual slavery and involuntary labor.

We also work globally to advance the status of women by investing in their health, education, and economic participation. As we launch our public campaign to create this international center, we invite you to join us in creating futures without violence in homes and communities worldwide.

Our new center will function as a vibrant base for global action through groundbreaking programs that engage the public, facilitate dialogue and collaboration, and train the leaders who will help build safer, healthier, and more civil societies everywhere.

This is a long-envisioned milestone for FVPF and the thousands of people it has trained and served. Here, on the Main Post of San Francisco’s historic Presidio, we are transforming Building 100, a barracks where military bands once practiced songs that rallied troops on their way to war, into a center for generating peaceful alternatives to violence. In it, we will raise our voices with others around the world to create the programs that lead to a future free of violence for every mother, daughter, son, and father.

Help us create the next generation of groundbreaking programs.

Increasing numbers of people around the world recognize the widespread impact of domestic and community violence, and leadership on these issues is growing. As the only facility in the world dedicated to creating international conferences, forums, and exchange programs supporting everyone’s right to live free of violence, the center will bring global leaders and community activists together to work toward new solutions that will advance the status of women, children, and families throughout the world.

The Center will help extend our work to reach new constituencies and advance our award-winning leadership development training and education programs so that they will have an even more powerful global impact. It will also be available to allied organizations throughout the U.S. and beyond who wish to utilize the facility for their own conferences, seminars, and events. With a new generation of programs, the international center will be:

  • A welcoming destination for women and men, from all nations, to develop leadership skills, deepen knowledge, broaden perspectives, and enhance their capacity to become better advocates for women, children, and families in their communities.
  • A forum where physicians, nurses and other leaders in world health share emerging research and new strategies for improving access to and the quality of women’s health.
  • A training hub where judges and policymakers from around the world share strategies, build consensus, and problem solve on a wide variety of challenges that face the women, children, and families whose lives they deeply influence.
  • A public conference center where seasoned and emerging leaders in violence prevention will exchange ideas and connect with others who share their commitment.
  • A global think tank where big ideas transpire, plans coalesce, and new models emerge. The Center will propagate new programs, such as FVPF’s Senior Policy Fellows, which will bring a selected class of established leaders together to build their own leadership while enhancing our work in domestic and foreign policy, economic development, and healthcare.
  • The premier global action center for preventing violence in the home and in the community, FVPF’s new international center will allow individuals from around the world to realize the potential of creating futures without violence.

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