President Obama's New Budget

President Obama has unveiled his new budget for 2013 and demonstrated his commitment to ending violence against women by proposing $599 million for programs and solutions related to the issue. If Congress were to follow this budget proposal, they would authorize $6.5 million more than last year’s funding.

“In this extremely tough fiscal climate, this new budget reflects an awareness of the great need for victims and the advocates that seek to help them” said Esta Soler, Founder and President of Futures Without Violence.

As a highlight, the budget would increase funding for the Family Violence Prevention Services Act program, which directly helps fund battered women’s shelters, by $5 million. This increase would allow funding to continue to target services for children affected by domestic violence, so they can heal and thrive.

The new budget does propose to cut the funding for the National Resource Center on Workplace Response in half, which would hinder outreach efforts to employers and unions interested in preventing violence against women in the workplace. A goal in this fiscal year is to increase the dollars back to last year’s level for this project and the other programs that help victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Continuing as a co-chair of the national coalition, Futures Without Violence is advocating for maintaining mostly level funding for all VAWA and FVPSA programs and VOCA in the FY 2013 budget.

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