President Obama Addresses Human Trafficking

President Obama Addresses Human Trafficking

President Obama delivered a moving speech before the Global Clinton Initiative in New York, vowing to crack down on the widespread practice of human trafficking and calling it, “one of the greatest human rights causes of our time.”

While the President’s remarks and initiatives have helped shed light on human trafficking, we have been working to combat this deplorable form of gender-based violence for decades. Futures Without Violence advocated for the passage of both the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and the International Violence Against Women Act—two crucial pieces of legislation that protect victims of human trafficking.

In addition to shaping legislation, we’ve also collaborated with the Office on Violence Against Women to help improve responses to trafficked victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Futures Without Violence helps train and educate service providers, law enforcement, and other community organizations to best help international trafficking victims who have faced violence in the U.S.

We are proud to be play in role in combating what President Obama has accurately referred to as “modern slavery.” For more information about our anti-human trafficking work, check out our resources: Collaborating to Help Trafficking Survivors and Turning Pain Into Power.

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