Announcing the RESPECT! Challenge

Announcing the RESPECT! Challenge

We’re proud to announce The RESPECT! Challenge, a national public action campaign and contest that we hope will spark a conversation about the critical role that parents, teachers, coaches, family, and mentors play in shaping young lives and promoting a respectful society. We’ll be honoring the everyday heroes who encouraged us to value those who are different, or urged us to believe in ourselves. In fact, we’re asking the public to answer a very simple question: Who would you like to thank for teaching you Respect?

We’re particularly grateful for responses from some high profile friends; For Nicole Kidman, it was her parents. America Ferrera credits her fifth grade teacher. Willie Mays names his dad, Willie Howard Mays, Sr. They each took a moment to stop and reflect on a person who made an everlasting impact. Watch the video below for more of their responses and to enter the RESPECT! Challenge yourself.

Macy's is the Founding National Partner of the RESPECT! Campaign and proud to support local and national education and awareness programs that promote positive solutions for healthy relationships. With support from customers and associates, Macy's and Futures are working together to spread awareness and promote positive solutions to prevent relationship violence.

As children head back to school, and the Presidential election ramps up, we hope Respect will be part of the conversation at dinner tables and in classrooms all across the country. In the weeks ahead, we’ll explore what Respect has meant to public figures as well as private lives. In the meantime, take a moment to think about the role models in your life who taught you the value of respect. And enter The RESPECT! Challenge!

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