The Waiting Room Debuts Nationally

The Waiting Room Debuts Nationally

The Waiting Room, a documentary produced by our very own board member Bill Hirsh, has received rave reviews from critics across the country. The thought-provoking film weaves the stories of several patients, as well as the hospital staff at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA, as they cope with the complexity of the nation’s public health care system.

The Waiting Room opened in New York City and Los Angeles last month. Starting today, the film will be playing throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and will reach D.C., Seattle, and other cities in the coming month. The Waiting Room has received favorable reviews from leading publications including the New York Times, Washington Post, and New York Magazine. Yesterday, the San Francisco Chronicle published an outstanding review of the film. Here’s an excerpt from critic Mick LaSalle’s article:

“To watch The Waiting Room is to wish it would never end. This is human drama at its most intense and universal. The rare film that can change the way you think and see the world."

The Waiting Room team hopes the film will put a human face on the uninsured and help bridge the social, political, and cultural divide that separates the country on the health care. The film is intended to facilitate a more meaningful conversation about the kind of health care system Americans want and need.

We’re so proud of Bill and The Waiting Room team for encouraging a dialogue about one of the most important issues in our country. To check your local listings, visit:

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