Debbie Lee Selected for NoVo Program

Debbie Lee Selected for NoVo Program

Congratulations to our Senior Vice President Debbie Lee, who has been named by the NoVo Foundation as one of 20 new leaders selected to join its Move to End Violence program. The 10-year, $80 million program was designed to strengthen leaders and organizations, and build a breakthrough movement to end violence against girls and women in the United States.

Leaders selected for the prestigious Move to End Violence program participate in an intensive, two-year experience that concentrates on skill building to advance social change and advocacy. Their organizations also receive general support grants and technical assistance to advance organizational development.

Leiana Kinnicut, Futures’ Program Manager for Children & Youth, recently completed the inaugural two-year program.

“These leaders have shown incredible vision and courage in their day-to-day work, confronting violence, abuse, rape and trafficking of women and girls in their communities,” said Jennifer Buffett, president and co-chair of the NoVo Foundation. “The Move to End Violence program is an effort to honor their bold leadership and harness their potential to create the change needed so that girls and women can live free of violence.”

“We’re incredibly proud of Debbie for being selected to participate in this groundbreaking program,” said President Esta Soler. “A key member of the Futures’ team, Debbie has been a change-maker who helped transform health care’s response to violence against women and children throughout the country. She’s an incredible leader in the community, and this achievement is well deserved."

Over ten years, the Move to End Violence program will connect and strengthen hundreds of advocates and organizations, investing in a national network of committed leaders with the vision, skills and renewed energy necessary to reinvigorate efforts to end violence against girls and women. For more information, visit:

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