Day 13: YMCA Rose Campaign, Canada

Day 13: YMCA Rose Campaign, Canada

Violence against women is a $4 billion problem in Canada. Each year, violence and abuse drive over 100,000 women and children out of their homes and into shelters.

YWCA Canada’s annual Rose Campaign seeks to address this issue and ultimately end violence against women and girls. Inspired by the Rose button created after 14 young women were murdered on December 6, 1989, it also commemorates December 6th as Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

YWCA Canada is the country's oldest and largest women's multi-service organization, and with 32 Member Associations across the country, they are the nation's single largest provider of shelter to women and children fleeing violence and the second largest provider of childcare services. Among the many ways to support their annual campaign are: sending an email to a local MP through their website, purchasing and wearing the Rose Button, taking part in their online campaign, or " scattering petals" by downloading their embedded Rose logo to Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or email signatures.

To date, YWCA Canada has distributed over 450,000 Rose Buttons to schools, shelters, social and government agencies, socially responsible corporations, and individuals across Canada.

Learn more YMCA Canada’s Rose Campaign at: To view engaging communications material from organizations like YMCA Canada, visit the Communications X-Change.

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