How the Deal on Fiscal Cliff Impacts Programs Addressing Violence Against Women and Children

On January 2, President Obama signed a measure to maintain the tax cuts for middle-income Americans and allow tax cuts for the wealthiest passed under George Bush to expire. Congress could not reach agreement on many of the harder spending cuts needed to reduce the deficit and have pushed the decision on what’s known as “sequestration” or significant across the board spending cuts on federal programs to early March. While this avoided the worst of the “fiscal cliff,” funding cuts for core programs that help victims and prevent future violence against women and children will be on the table soon during the next budget debate. Futures Without Violence co-chairs the coalition working to support funding for programs to end violence against women and has worked with our colleagues to calculate the impacts of these cuts.  Through our analysis, nearly 200,000 victims of violence would lose services if another agreement is not made. Less easy to calculate but a much larger number are the victims who will never be touched by a VAWA program because of limited funding.

For more information on funding for VAWA programs go to Budget and Appropations page. For more information on the impacts of sequestration : click here.  

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