Mayor Recognizes Coaching Boys into Men Program

Mayor Recognizes Coaching Boys into Men Program

Earlier this month, Mayor Mike Brown of Grand Forks, North Dakota recognized Futures’ program Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM) in an Op-Ed in the Grand Forks Herald.

CBIM, an initiative that helps sports coaches instill their players with respect for women, has been implemented in four high schools in Grand Forks County since August 2012, reaching more than 24 coaches who in turn have worked with 282 athletes. The program has been well received by community leaders, families, and the students themselves.

Mike Berg, who coached football in Grand Forks and was the 2007 NFL high school football coach of the year, firmly believes in the message of CBIM. “I hope to see this program become part of the athletic culture of this area,” he told the Grand Forks Herald. “If we’re only teaching them how to play the sport, then we’re failing them big-time.” In Grand Forks, more than 40 organizations, including CBIM, are participating in Safer Tomorrows, a project funded by the Defending Childhood Initiative.

The Justice Department launched the Defending Childhood Initiative in 2010 to prevent and address childhood exposure to violence, which an estimated 60 percent of American children suffer from. Mayor Brown believes that Safer Tomorrows will “ensure that our youngest generation will be the one that replaces bullying with respect and inclusiveness, dating and sexual violence with healthy intimate relationships and child abuse and neglect with nurturing homes for all residents of our county.”

We’re proud that Safer Tomorrows has been supported by people like Mayor Brown and Mike Berg, and we hope to see more cities all across the country follow their lead and make ending childhood exposure to violence a priority. For more information about Coaching Boys Into Men, please visit

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