15th Annual Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day

15th Annual Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day

Today is Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day (HCADV Day)—a national public awareness day organized by FUTURES to promote routine health screening of patients for abuse. For the past 15 years, our partners across the nation have helped support the day and its mission.

Domestic violence is a health care problem of epidemic proportions. Nearly one in four women in the U.S. have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner in her lifetime. Furthermore, a study found that women who talked to their healthcare provider about the abuse were four times more likely to use an intervention.

Health care providers are in a unique position to help victims who seek routine or emergency care. Simply by routinely screening patients for abuse and providing them with information and referrals, they can make a critical difference for victims and their children. We’ve seen big changes this year toward supporting the healthcare community’s response to domestic violence.

In February of 2013, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued new recommendations to support screening and responding to IPV – recommending that health plans provide the service. Additionally, new guidelines in the Affordable Care Act now ensure that select U.S. health plans will now cover annual screening and counseling for lifetime exposure to domestic abuse, provide the opportunity to reach thousands more women and children with preventative messages, and improve the health and safety of current victims of abuse.

On HCADV Day, we celebrate the progress that has been made and continue to spread awareness of the importance of screening for abuse. Thank you for 15 years of your support!

To learn more about the new policy changes through the Affordable Care Act, register for our free webinar on October 29th or check out our Frequently Asked Questions. To get involved and learn more about screening in the health care setting, visit the new Health Cares About IPV: Intimate Partner Violence Screening and Counseling Online Toolkit.

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