Day 4: Haldimand & Norfolk Women’s Services

Day 4: Haldimand & Norfolk Women’s Services

Haldimand & Norfolk Women’s Services works with women and children who have experienced and witnessed abuse. The Canadian organization educates the public about domestic violence and advocates for social, cultural, and political change for women’s equality and human rights.

In 2011, Haldimand & Norfolk Women’s Services created an exhibition called Outside Looking In, which depicts a collection of 25 voices to educate the public about the issues of domestic violence in the rural communities of Haldimand and Norfolk.

Working with old window frames attached to a backing box, artists from a diverse range of practices, ages, and gender acted as visual interpreters to bring other voices into the discussion of domestic violence so that the important issue does not remain silent.

To view Outside Looking In, click here. To view more groundbreaking communications tools helping to prevent violence against women and children worldwide, visit the Communications X-Change.

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