Day 6: MADRE

Day 6: MADRE

MADRE is an international women’s human rights organization that works in partnership with community-based women's organizations worldwide to address issues of health and reproductive rights, economic development, education, and other human rights.

In Haiti, MADRE worked with KOFAVIV, an organization that supports rape survivors in the poorest areas of Port-au-Prince, on an initiative called Blow the Whistle on Violence Against Women. The partnership enabled the organizations to supply women in Haitian displacement camps with whistles to protect themselves from sexual violence.

The whistles, paired with proper educational, medical, and legal support, have helped survivors seek justice and prevent further sexual violence. In this video produced by MADRE, Haitian women discus how the whistles help them feel in control and secure in an environment where almost no security exists.

We commend MADRE and KOFAVIV for their innovative partnership to prevent gender-based violence in Haiti. To view more groundbreaking communications tools helping to prevent violence against women and children worldwide, visit the Communications X-Change.


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