Day 7: Sonke Gender Justice Network

Day 7: Sonke Gender Justice Network

Sonke Gender Justice Network is a nonprofit organization that works facilitate happy and healthy relationships that contribute to the development of just and democratic societies.

While Sonke predominately operates on the African continent, they have also have an increasing national presence and are well known around the world for their campaigns to facilitate cultural norm change. With projects focusing on fatherhood, community radio, engaging men and boys in advocacy, health and prison awareness projects, and sports and refugee programs, Sonke has a widespread role in engaging men to end violence.

To demonstrate the vital role that men can play in achieving gender equality and ending violence against women, Sonke implemented The One Man Can campaign in South Africa. Through local and national media, the campaign highlighted local role models as examples of responsible and involved fathers. We commend Sonke for their innovative partnership to prevent gender-based violence in South Africa and beyond.

To learn more about One Man Can, click here. To view more groundbreaking communications tools helping to prevent violence against women and children worldwide, visit the Communications X-Change.



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