Day 8: Take Back The Tech

Day 8: Take Back The Tech

Bytes for All is a human rights organization based in Pakistan that works to help activists use information and communication technologies to build their capacity, raise awareness and advocate for policies that strengthen human rights movements throughout the country.

A key communications campaign for Bytes for All, Take Back the Tech!, asks participants to strategically utilize print and online communications materials through different communications platforms, from mobile phones to digital cameras and podcasts, to increase activism against gender-based violence. Prominent public figures, from judges to movie stars, have contributed to the campaign through social media, raising the visibility of this innovative campaign.

Though primarily seen in Pakistan, “Take Back the Tech” has been adapted in various contexts and countries. To view posters from the Take Back the Tech campaign, click here.

To view more groundbreaking communications tools helping to prevent violence against women and children worldwide, visit the Communications X-Change.


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