Day 11: Stop The Violence

Day 11: Stop The Violence

An innovative collaboration between the Ukrainian government, UNICEF, and the International Women’s Rights Center ‘La Srada’ produced the Red Card campaign to end violence against women. Leveraging the commonly known soccer symbol, the campaign launched during the 2012 Euro Football Cup – reaching thousands of soccer fans across the country.

Campaign posters, outdoor advertisements, and online videos feature well-known Ukrainian athletes and entertainers advocating for an end to violence and increased gender equity. In addition to the broad-based public education campaign, the Ukrainian State Service for Youth and Sports organized a series of “Fair Play” soccer tournaments throughout Ukraine to promote healthy relationships.

Over 10,000 volunteers facilitated workshops and tournaments that took advantage of the popularity of soccer to reach over 40,000 young people with messages about respect and healthy relationships. As the President of the Ukraine State Service for Youth and Sports explains, “To communicate with young people, we have chosen the language of football just because football unites regardless of social, religious, racial, or gender differences.”

To learn more about Red Card and other innovative communications campaigns that are working to end violence against women around the world, visit the Communications X-Change.

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