Day 13: Strong Women, Strong Voices

Day 13: Strong Women, Strong Voices

Combining education with entertainment for the sake of attitude, behavior and social change has been the goal of PCI Media Impact for 25 years.

With partners spanning the globe in over 45 countries, PCI Media Impact has produced more than 5,000 episodes of 100 serial television and radio productions reaching more than one billion people. Recognizing the importance of storytelling in capturing and keeping people’s attention, PCI Media worked with partners in Peru to create the radio show, Strong Women, Strong Voices.

By skillfully weaving together stories using language accessible to both Spanish-speaking and indigenous women, listeners are drawn into the radio programs—a favored medium particularly in rural communities—with their dramatizations of women overcoming prejudice, abuse and sexual violence.

To view more from PCI Meida Impact, click here. For more groundbreaking communications tools helping to prevent violence against women and children worldwide, visit the Communications X-Change.

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