Lessons from Literature

Lessons from Literature

Engaging Teachers

Lessons from Literature is an innovative program that enlists English teachers all across the country to use the books and material they’re already teaching to facilitate discussion and build awareness about physical, verbal, and sexual abuse.

Teachers are natural influencers. As mentors and role models to students, teachers have a tremendous opportunity to impact how students grow to understand and appreciate safe and healthy relationships.

If teachers can shape the way young people think and act today, the social norms that currently perpetuate violence can be extinguished tomorrow.

About the Program

Lessons from Literature empowers teachers with actionable resources that help students learn the required material and build healthy, non-violent relationships. The program includes:

  • Lesson plans aligned with National Standards for the English Language Arts that address themes of abuse, violence, inequality, family/interpersonal issues, and more.
  • Materials to prepare teachers and students to discuss themes of abuse.
  • A Resource Library that offers books, poems, essays, photos, artwork, websites, and more to help build deep and meaningful lessons.
  • Opportunities for teachers to share lesson plan ideas with each other.

    With Lessons from Literature, teachers inspire youth to think and act differently about relationships and their lives.

    Share with a teacher, or start teaching today!

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