Coaching Boys into Men

Coaching Boys into Men

 Men – as fathers, brothers, coaches, teachers, uncles, and mentors – have a role to play in coaching boys into men. The Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM) leadership program created by Futures Without Violence equips athletic coaches with strategies, scenarios, and resources needed to build attitudes and behaviors among young male athletes that prevent relationship abuse, harassment, and sexual assault.

First launched in 2001, in partnership with the Advertising Council, CBIM’s overall goal is to inspire men to teach boys the importance of respecting women and that violence never equals strength. CBIM began as a national public service announcement (PSA) campaign and included TV, radio, print, and online components. The original CBIM campaign garnered well over $125 million in donated media and generated grassroots efforts in communities around the country.

Since its 2001 launch, CBIM has transformed from a broad awareness and action campaign into a comprehensive violence prevention curriculum for coaches and their athletes. Athletic coaches play an extremely influential and unique role in the lives of young men, often serving as a parent or mentor to the boys they coach. Because of these special relationships, coaches are poised to positively influence how young men think and behave both on, and off, the field.

The CBIM Coaches Kit curriculum consists of a series of coach-to-athlete “teach-easy tactics and trainings” that illustrate ways to model respect and promote healthy relationships and choices among youth. The CBIM Card Series instructs coaches on how to incorporate themes associated with teamwork, integrity, fair play, and respect into their daily practice and routine

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