Coaching Boys into Men Goes Global

Coaching Boys into Men Goes Global

FVPF and UNICEF joined forces in 2007 to enlist international celebrity soccer coaches and players as “teachers” of violence prevention. Development of a new International Coaches Manual based on concepts from the original Coaching Boys into Men Playbook was completed and includes quotes and endorsement from stars such as David Beckham, Emmanuel Adebayor, and Thierry Henry. The manual is available in English, French, and Spanish with other languages to follow.

CBIM South Africa

In efforts to protect the rights and livelihood of children in South Africa, UNICEF has partnered with the South African Department of Education to create a sports program that will reinvigorate ailing life skills curricula, mobilize communities to support and protect their children, and decrease the incidence of substance abuse, teen pregnancy, violence, and HIV/AIDS transmission. Capitalizing on the FIFA Soccer World Cup tournament in 2010, UNICEF will use the excitement surrounding the games to launch its Sports for Development Program in South Africa.

Earlier pilot programs using the International Coaches Manual were held in every one of the nine South African provinces. New plans for CBIM include providing 585 schools and communities with coaches who will serve as liaisons between the school community, governing bodies, and key stakeholders in the effort to improve the lives of children.

UNICEF is currently working to make CBIM completely adaptable to the South African landscape; the content and visual imagery will be adjusted to better reflect the diversity of South Africa.

CBIM India

A tremendous opportunity exists to build on the current success of Coaching Boys into Men. Together with the Nike Foundation, the FVPF will develop the next expansion of the program by adapting certain program elements – the Playbook, training clinics, and evaluation. Sustainability and scalability are two major objectives.

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