In His Own Words

Apr 1, 2008

“Of the 100,000 prostitution-related arrests each year, the great majority of them are of women and girls; pimps and johns are much less likely to be arrested. All those girls will never get a tiny fraction of the attention of the Elizabeth Smarts or Natalee Holloways, who fill the cable television niche for a ‘missing blond’ story. So let’s not let ‘Kristen’ displace the broader reality… Whatever one thinks of legalizing prostitution, let’s face reality: The big problem out there is the teenage girls who are battered by their pimps, who will have to meet their quotas tonight and every night, who are locked in car trunks or in basements, who have guns shoved in their mouths if they hint of quitting. If the Spitzer affair causes us to lose sight of that, then the biggest loser will be those innumerable girls, far more typical than ‘Kristen,’ for whom selling sex isn’t a choice, but a nightmare.”
---Nicholas D. Kristof, “The Pimps’ Slaves,” New York Times, March 16, 2008

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