In Her Own Words

Jan 15, 2009

“Multiple armed groups on a murderous rampage have driven a million people from their homes in Northern Kivu, a Congolese province that abuts Rwanda. The impact of violence is everywhere and it cannot be overstated. No institutional structure is in place. All ordinary ways of life have been disrupted. People cannot farm or access their land; there is no way to get food; health centers have shut down; traumatized families sleep in schools, churches, in makeshift camps or in the forests. Children live in terror of being raped or abducted – the girls are used for sex, boys are forced to fight. Civilians are attacked, raped, tortured and murdered. Although the United Nations has dispatched the largest peacekeeping operation in the world, it has been unable to protect the people of North Kivu. Last month, with peacekeepers less than one mile away, at least 150 people were massacred… Over and over again, during my visit, women told me their agonizing stories and expressed their hopes: ‘To you who have the means, please tell the world that we need protection, we need peace; those who are fighting must be made to stop, those who support them should be made to stop. We have been waiting for protection, but no one is coming.’”

---UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow in a Commentary, “No One is Safe in Congo Strife,” after a December visit to the war-torn eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

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