Nike Foundation Supports Social Norms Change

May 8, 2009

On March 30, the Nike Foundation joined more than 450 leaders at a symposium in Brazil to explore research and best practices by international programs that challenge gender norms, engage men and boys in reducing violence against women and girls, promote sexual and reproductive health, prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, and support fatherhood and caregiving. At the first-ever symposium, the Nike Foundation announced that, with the support and collaboration of the NoVo Foundation, it has made grants to programs directed at men and boys that help shift harmful gender norms that impede progress in educational achievement, sexual and reproductive health, and economic prospects.

The Nike Foundation awarded $1.6 million to the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) for work in India with the International Center on Research on Women. The program, modeled after the FVPF’s Coaching Boys Into Men campaign, is designed to engage well-known cricket coaches and players to educate boys about treating girls with respect and understanding that violence is wrong.

The Nike Foundation also awarded grants to PATH for its work in China and Kenya, Tostan for its work in Senegal, and Instituto Promundo for its work in Brazil and India.

“Our investment in FVPF expands on an approach that has already demonstrated effectiveness in other countries,” said Nike Foundation Managing Director Lisa MacCallum. “We are excited to be supporting customization and delivery of this vital program on the cricket field.”

“This grant is a wonderful opportunity to build on the success of our Coaching Boys Into Men program, which is successfully transforming harmful attitudes about women and girls,” FVPF President Esta Soler said. “Because of its immense popularity and large formal and informal networks, cricket provided the ideal dissemination vehicle. And, when these messages come from respected coaches and players, men and boys listen.”

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