In Their Own Words

Jul 30, 2009

“In the story’s wake has come some backlash against ESPN and Andrews… Andrews was the victim of a pervert who crossed all lines of decency. To somehow question her style as a reporter or ESPN’s role in creating a media sensation such as Andrews in the context of this scandal is not only unfair, it’s indecent. Certainly there is never an inappropriate time to have intelligent conversations about networks’ hiring practices, the networks’ role in developing popular personalities and why certain personalities become popular. But it is apples and oranges. In this case, the blame starts and stops with those responsible for drilling a hole in a wall, taping an unsuspecting naked woman and posting that video on the Internet.”
--Tom Jones, "Erin Andrews, Ben Roethlisberger Stories Put ESPN in Harsh Spotlight,” St. Petersburg Times, July 24, 2009

“I went to KING 5 sports reporter Lisa Gangel and asked for her take. In some ways, Gangel is like Andrews: blonde, female and hoping to be respected rather than gawked. Seeing a colleague suffer struck Gangel on a personal level… ‘She’s very good at what she does. You only hope that people recognize your work first. It hurts to know what she’s going through.’ The Andrews incident has largely been labeled an Internet scandal… but really, it’s a sports culture scandal. It’s about men being men at their worst. It’s about the false notion that it’s OK to be [intolerant] and horny and barbaric because it’s all part of the guy sports experience. It’s our right, right? I’m not preaching, either. At times, I’ve been guilty of objectifying women, too. Most men are subtle about it, but this extreme case should make us understand the impact of our ridiculous ways.”
--Jerry Brewster, “Erin Andrews Nude Video Is a Sick Crime; When Will Men Grow Up?,” Seattle Times, July 23, 2009