On The Air

Jan 26, 2010

Last month, HBO aired the documentary “Every …Day of My Life,” chronicling Wendy Maldonado’s final days of freedom before beginning her 10-year prison sentence for murdering her abusive husband, Aaron. The hour-long film includes interviews with family, friends and neighbors; old home movies featuring Wendy, Aaron and their children; and frank interviews with Wendy and her oldest son Randy, detailing the years of abuse the family suffered.

The film opens with Wendy’s call to 9-1-1. Viewers hear as Wendy confesses to killing her husband. The operator asks if her husband tried to hurt her and Wendy Maldonado responds, “Every f****** day of my life.”

Throughout the film, the viewer sees evidence of Aaron’s abuse even though none of it is ever depicted on camera. The walls of the Maldonado’s home are riddled with holes where heads and bodies have been thrown against the walls. Home movies show Aaron Maldonado mutilating animal corpses and making his very young son, Randy, fire a weapon.

On May 1, 2005, Wendy and her then 16-year-old son Randy killed Aaron. They later accepted plea bargains, rather than face a jury trial. In the film Wendy explains that she accepted her ten year sentence, and Randy’s five year sentence, because she wasn’t willing to take a chance on her son’s freedom. At the Maldonado’s sentencing hearing, the judge said he believed Wendy and Randy’s story, and said they might have an argument for justifiable homicide but that he could not fail to give them jail time “because we don’t work that way.”

Wendy and Randy Maldonado are serving their sentences in the Oregon Department of Corrections. Randy will be eligible for release in August, 2011, and Wendy in March 2016.

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