Feb 19, 2011
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Continuing Resolution Passed by House of Representatives Would Put Victims of Violence at Risk

Statement of Esta Soler, Family Violence Prevention Fund President

“The Continuing Resolution passed by the House of Representatives early this morning would take essential, potentially life-savings services away from victims of domestic, dating and sexual violence and put them in peril unnecessarily.

The cuts to human services programs are deeply disappointing and represent misplaced priorities. Victims of violence rely on health care, housing, home energy, jobs, education, Head Start, family planning, and other critical services the government supports. Even a temporary interruption of those services if the government shuts down would cause massive hardship and jeopardize women’s lives; permanent cuts would be catastrophic.

We are also gravely concerned about the House cuts to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention budget. They could mean scale-backs or delays to a number of essential programs that address violence against women, including those that support research, education, prevention and intervention to stop rape, domestic violence, teen dating violence and child maltreatment.

We must not balance the budget at the expense of our most vulnerable citizens. We urge the Senate to oppose drastic and dangerous cuts that will harm victims of abuse. We can do better.”

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The Family Violence Prevention Fund works to end violence against women and children around the world, because every person has the right to live free of violence. More information is available at

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