New Resources

Apr 11, 2011

Fathering after violence is the focus of four new resources for advocates developed by the Family Violence Prevention Fund’s (FVPF) Children and Families program.

Two new Fathering After Violence posters (Memories 2, and Modelo 2-Spanish) target fatherhood and becoming a positive role model as the strategy to engage men. The FVPF has three English versions and two Spanish versions available. Click here to order posters.

The Something My Father Would Do DVD is now available in English and Spanish. “All Men Are Sons” director John Badalament directs this 15-minute documentary showing the stories of three men who grew up with abusive fathers and how they grappled with their own choices as intimate partners and fathers. The film originally was designed to be shown in supervised visitation centers, to fathers who have used violence. However, it has also been used in batterer intervention programs, responsible fatherhood groups, child welfare organizations, groups for adolescents and within the criminal justice system. Order the DVDs online.

The resource package Breaking the Cycle, Fathering After Violence: Curriculum Guidelines and Tools for Batterer Intervention Programs (Updated and Reprinted) offers information, exercises and more to help batterer intervention programs begin essential conversations around helping fathers relate to their children in positive ways. The Guidelines and Tools package (print materials plus a CD) can be ordered here.

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