Oct 10, 2012
CONTACT Marsha Robertson

Futures Without Violence Reacts to San Francisco Supervisors’ 7-4 Vote to Reinstate Ross Mirkarimi

President and Founder Esta Soler issued the following statement against the decision:

“This is a sad day in our city. Instead of holding our publicly-elected officials to a high standard of conduct, we are sending a message that it’s ok to abuse your significant other as long as the physical injury is minor.

Despite Sheriff Mirkarimi’s guilty plea to false imprisonment, with a sentence to three years’ probation, he was able to characterize the abusive treatment of his wife as a political witch hunt to remove him from office. This situation sends the wrong message to society. We want to make it clear that violence is no longer a private family matter, particularly when it’s committed by one of the city’s top law enforcement officers.

While the outcome has been disappointing, we applaud the criminal justice system for responding swiftly and effectively in this case. We thank Mayor Ed Lee and the seven supervisors who chose to follow suit and hold Sheriff Mirkarimi accountable for his actions.”