Jan 16, 2013
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'Now is the Time': Futures Without Violence Applauds President Obama's Proposal to Curb Gun Violence

Statement from Futures President and Founder Esta Soler:

President Obama today took an important step in helping protect our children and communities from violence. We applaud him and the work of Vice President Biden in bringing together a comprehensive proposal that promotes school safety, increases quality and access to mental health services, particularly for children and youth, and puts forward responsible gun safety measures.

Although our hearts are still filled with sadness for the Newtown families, and the shootings and killings of so many children and youth around the country, we must turn our grief into action and stand with the President to say no more. We call on the public to join us in supporting the Administration and demand swift action on these efforts.

Futures Without Violence is particularly pleased to see that the proposal included several of our key recommendations and lessons learned from our more than 30 years of work preventing violence against women and children.

Specifically, we support:

  • Universal background checks for those attempting to purchase guns and maintaining strong protections so that those with domestic violence convictions or subject to protective orders are prohibited from purchasing firearms.
  • Improving school climate at 8,000 more schools through a Department of Education initiative utilizing proven strategies to reduce, bullying, violence, drug abuse, and other problematic behaviors.
  • Increasing access to mental health and counseling services in schools as part of comprehensive school safety initiative.
  • Increasing recognition of and services to address mental illness, focusing on identifying children in need of services at younger ages before mental health issues worsen.
  • Targeting new initiatives at young people at greatest risk for mental illness and those who have been exposed to violence, including 16-25 year olds and children who have been exposed to violence in the home or community.
  • Reinvigorating research on prevention of and effective interventions to address gun violence.
  • Ensuring mental health parity laws are enforced and financed at the state level.

To see the full list of the President’s recommendations and executive actions, visit: