Domestic Violence: The Secret Killer That Costs $8.3 Billion Annually

Dec 5, 2013

A woman comes to the doctor with depression, fatigue and insomnia. A co-worker stays late in the office even when there is not much to do. A sales associate appears tired and distracted.

For each of these individuals, domestic violence – physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or psychological abuse against an intimate partner – could be the underlying cause of distress. Historically, domestic violence has been viewed as a criminal issue – according to police records, almost 1 in 3 female homicide victims are killed by an intimate partner.

But today we know it as a social, business and health priority, as well. Not only does it cause personal suffering, but domestic violence also reduces productivity, leads to absenteeism and drives up health care costs. And unless people are trained to look for it and ask about it, domestic violence is rarely identified.

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