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Aug 28, 2007

This launches an occasional series designed to alert readers to new books that readers recommend. Editors have not personally read all the books listed here.

Body Evidence: Intimate Violence against South Asian Women in America

More than 20 scholars and public health professionals uncover the unique challenges faced by victims of domestic violence in South Asian American communities in this new book, edited by Shamita Das Dasgupta. Religious, cultural and legal implications of intimate partner violence against South Asian women are discussed. The Director of Praxis International, Dr. Ellen Pence, says, “If you can read just one book to understand domestic violence in this country, read Body Evidence. Das Dasgupta brings 19 brilliant voices together to explicate the meanings of sexuality, class, ethnicity, gender and legal status in the struggle to end violence against women in intimate relationships.” To learn more, please visit

If I am Missing or Dead

Janine Latus’ If I am Missing or Dead, a New York Times bestseller, is part memoir, part biography. A poignant story, it examines the relationship between Janine and her younger sister and how each found themselves in physically and emotionally abusive relationships. It is a call to break the cycle of abuse as well as a love letter to her sister. To learn more, please visit

Why Do They Kill? Men Who Kill Their Intimate Partners

This is the first book to profile different types of wife killers, and to examine the courtship patterns of abusive men. It argues “wife murders” are not, for the most part, “crimes of passion” but rather culminations of lifelong predisposing factors of the men who murder, and that many elements of their crimes are foretold by their past behavior in intimate relationships. Key signs include the first emergence of the man's violence, his blaming of the victim, his escalation, and his punishment when she defies him. David Adams’ book will be published in early September. For more information, visit

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