'Problem Solved' T-Shirt is a Big Problem

Jan 17, 2007

Advocates are speaking out against t-shirts being sold at Kmart stores nationwide which show a male stick figure pushing a female stick figure out of a box to a steep fall. The children’s t-shirt was removed after customers in the Augusta, Maine area complained in mid-December, but returned to store shelves a few days later.

A statement from the Kmart parent company, Sears Holdings Corporation, said, “We respect the opinions of our customers. However, we believe these attitude Ts are meant to be light-hearted in nature,” the Kennebec Journal reports.

Two Maine area advocacy groups, Hardy Girls Healthy Women and Boys to Men, held a news conference in late December to protest the t-shirts, again asking that they be pulled from store shelves. Nine-year-old David Mallow designed an alternative. Mallow’s t-shirt shows the stick figures talking through their problem and holding hands in the last panel. Underneath the graphic it reads, “Problem solved. Hurting somone (sic.) just makes the conflict worse.”

The disputed ‘Problem Solved’ t-shirts are manufactured by Route 66 Attitude.

For information on how to speak out against Kmart’s t-shirts, visit,

To protest to Kmart, visit

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