FVPF eJournal
Futures Without Violence eJournal

Issue 12, Spring 2012

Editor’s Comments

by Linda Chamberlain

The three articles featured in this issue of Family Violence Prevention and Health Practice highlight opportunities for integration and innovation. The experiences of implementing comprehensive psychosocial screening in an obstetric setting are described in an article by Garcia and colleagues. Special safety considerations for implementing screening in a state with mandatory reporting for intimate partner violence are described as well as practical strategies that are relevant for any clinical setting.

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Lessons Learned in Implementing a Psychosocial Screener in a High Risk Obstetrics Clinic

by Lisandra S. Garcia, MPH, Ann L. Coker PhD, MPH, Corrine M. Williams, ScD, Emily R. Clear, MPH, CHES, Nancy Jennings, RN, BSN, Wendy Hansen, MD, Judith McFarlane, RN, Dr PH, FAAN, and James E. Ferguson, II MD, MBA

This pilot study describes our experience in implementing screening for psychosocial risk factors. We observed that screening was feasible and that the majority of both patients and health care providers indicated that screening did not negatively affect patient care and well being.

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Through the Eyes of a Survivor: A Pilot Study to Examine the Use of a Photovoice-based Support Group for Women Survivors of Family-Based Interpersonal Violence

by Laura Beth Haymore, Mary Y. Morgan, Christine E. Murray, Robert W. Strack, Linda Trivette, and Paige Hall Smith

In this pilot study, a photovoice-based support group for women survivors of family-based interpersonal violence was implemented in a rural community.

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Assessing, Intervening, and Preventing Children’s Exposure to Violence

by Martha Davis, MSS and Sandy Dempsey, MSS, MLSP

The Institute for Safe Families (ISF) is a Philadelphia-based, non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen families by creating healthy, nurturing environments that promote the positive development of children and prevent family violence. In the last five years, ISF has been working steadily to develop programs and materials that identify how early trauma affects the full development of children.

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