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Editor’s Comments

The three articles featured in this issue of Family Violence Prevention and Health Practice highlight opportunities for integration and innovation.   The experiences of implementing comprehensive psychosocial screening in an obstetric setting are described in an article by Garcia and colleagues.  Special safety considerations for implementing screening in a state with mandatory reporting for intimate partner violence are described as well as practical strategies that are relevant for any clinical setting. The screening tool and protocol used in this study are  provided.

A pilot study by Haymore and colleagues describes how an innovative intervention can be adapted to offer survivors of family violence the opportunity to express and process their feelings through photography.  As always, hearing survivors’ perspectives helps to keep us grounded in our work.  This issue concludes with notes from the field from an organization, the Institute for Safe Families (ISF).  An innovator in the field of family violence, ISF describes several programs addressing children’s exposure to violence including initiatives to address physical punishment.  ISF is currently launching a Task Force to examine how the science on adverse childhood experiences can be integrated into pediatric practices.

Linda Chamberlain, Editor