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We Are Currently Not Accepting Submissions


Futures Without Violence is currently not accepting submissions. We are in the process of changing our format. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Family Violence Prevention and Practice solicits well-written articles that are relevant to our readers and on point for the focus of upcoming issues. Themes reflect the mission statement of the journal. Articles appropriate for publication in this journal include original quantitative and qualitative research including preliminary findings which must be noted as such, review articles, special articles on issues addressing family violence and health care including experiences with new programs and innovative practices that have implications for the health care system.

Call for Reviewers

Futures Without Violence is not soliciting reviewers for the e-journal at this time.

Communicating with the Editors

Communications to our editor, Linda Chamberlain, and the staff at the Family Violence Prevention and Health Practice e-journal should be via e-mail. Forward your e-mail inquiries to the editor and staff to: healthe-journal@futureswithoutviolence.org

Required Elements of a Manuscript

Any manuscript submitted to the Family Violence Prevention and Health Practice e-journal should contain the following, each beginning on a new page of the manuscript:

  • Title page
  • Running headline
  • References
  • Acknowledgements and permissions

Students’ Manuscripts: Any manuscript submitted by a student should follow the same format required for other papers.

Title Page: The title should be concise and clearly state the topic of the article. Each author should be listed by their first name, middle initial, last name, and degrees. The primary affiliation including the author’s position with that organization should be provided for each author. Provide the name, mailing address, and e-mail address for the author responsible for correspondence.

Running headline: The running headline should describe the major focus or findings of the article in 60 words or less. The running headline will be used to describe the article in email notices about the journal and in the electronic table of contents for the journal. No abbreviations should be used in the running headline.

References: Prepare your manuscript, including tables, illustrations, and references, according the APA Style Manual (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 5th Edition, APA, Washington DC), which provides the format for citations, references, headings, punctuation, and other matters. References should be current and journal titles should not be abbreviated. Secondary sources should not be sited other than when citing a review article. Review articles should be appropriated noted. It is expected that all cited references have been read by the author(s).

Acknowledgments and Permissions: Project support, technical assistance and any other acknowledgments should appear as a footnote to the title page. Illustrations, data, and any other materials from other publications must be acknowledged and must have received permission from the previous publisher. Permissions to reprint any previously copyrighted information must accompany the manuscript at the time of submission. If payment for permission to reprint is required, the authors must pay all fees and obtain permission prior to submitting the manuscript. The following information should be provided for the materials with permission to reprint: authors, title of article or chapter, title of journal or book, volume number, page numbers, month and year of publication, and publisher name and location.

Informed Consent

When human or animal subjects are involved, confirmation must be provided that the appropriate institutional review board approval was obtained. The Methods section should include a description of how informed consent was obtained from subjects.

Financial Disclosure, Conflict of Interest, and Data Access and Responsibility

Financial support for work should be noted in the submitted manuscript. Authors are required to disclose financial involvement relevant to the article such as employment, stock ownership, grants, royalties, expert testimony, and any affiliation with a company or product that is discussed in the manuscript.

Criteria for selection:

Submissions will be selected based on the quality of the writing, attention to submission guidelines, importance for the field and relevance to the journal’s goals. This includes submissions that:

  • Examine the physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive health effects of family violence over the lifespan and/or
  • Offer evidence-based research addressing the identification and management of family violence in the clinical and public health setting, policy analyses, cost utilization studies, and other topics that will lead to new directions in research, prevention, practice, and policies in the healthcare and public health setting and/or
  • Offer exploratory quantitative and qualitative research, pilot projects, and new initiatives on family violence and/or
  • Share information on service providers’ experiences, innovative strategies, and promising practices to address family violence over the lifespan

We encourage all submissions to include a discussion on the implications of their research or program on for other health care practitioners or advocates for victims of violence.

Review Process & Acceptance Criteria

The editor and staff conduct a preliminary screening of submissions. Authors will be notified if their transcript was sent out to peer review at least three months prior to our summer and winter journals. Transcripts that pass this screening are sent out for peer review using a standardized review process and form. Reviewers are selected from a list of available professional peers. Reviewers’ comments are shared with the author(s). Transcripts that are accepted with revisions are returned to the author(s) to complete the recommended changes. Revised transcripts are resubmitted to the editor for approval. Any other major editing by the editor and/or staff will be submitted to the author for approval prior to publication.

If portions of the article have been previously published elsewhere, the citation for where the information was published must be noted.

Conditions for Publication

All authors are required to affirm the following statements prior to review of their manuscript:

  • The manuscript is only being submitted to Family Violence Prevention and Practice and will not be submitted elsewhere while it is under consideration and that it as not been published elsewhere
  • That all authors are responsible for the reported research
  • That all authors have approved the manuscript as submitted
  • That all authors disclose any affiliation, financial agreement, or other interest with any company and/or product that is featured in the manuscript