Family Violence Quality Assessment Tool for Primary Care Offices

This tool is for primary care offices (pediatric, family medicine, internal medicine and Obstetrics/gynecology). It was developed by modifying Dr. Jeffrey Coben's Delphi Instrument for Hospital Domestic Violence Programs. Using a Delphi process of consensus, a national panel of family violence experts reviewed Dr. Coben's instrument and made suggestions about how to modify it to make if applicable for primary care offices that see a range of patients and need to assess for family violence (child abuse, intimate partner violence, elder abuse and sexual assault). The tool was presented at three meetings (advocacy, clinician and health plan) for additional feedback. The new instrument was pilot tested in primary care offices (n=31) to assess face validity and to develop a range of normal scores.

The instrument may be downloaded and filled out by the staff member who is the most familiar with the family violence efforts in the office. The directions are imbedded within the instrument. Offices that are attached to a hospital may prefer to complete Dr. Coben's Delphi Tool. The tool may be used to assess family violence efforts in primary care practices at the beginning and intermittently (every 6 months, every year, every few years) when focusing on family violence as a quality improvement goal. It is meant to be a tool for identifying deficiencies and so that they can be remedied and the care to patients living with violence and abuse can be improved.

Zink T, Fisher B. Family Violence Quality Assessment Tool for Primary Care Offices. Quality Management in Health Care. 2007;16(3):265-279.

The project was funded by a Robert Wood Johnson Generalist Faculty Scholar grant. You can direct questions to the author at:

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