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Health Alert

Health Alert is the National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence semi-annual newsletter. It includes original articles, announcements, news and notes, and other information on health care's response to domestic violence.

Winter 2003: Volume 10, Number 1.
The Missing Link: A Coordinated Public Health Response to Domestic Violence - an article by Linda Chamberlain, PhD, MPH
Summer 2002: Volume 9, Number 2
The Business Case for Domestic Violence Programs - an article by Patricia R. Salber, MD, MBA, Co-founder and Co-President, Physicians for a Violence-free Society
Winter 2002: Volume 9, Number 1
Responding to Abuse Against Women with Disabilities - an article by Mary Ann Curry, RN, DNSc and Fran Navarro
Summer 2001: Volume 8, Number 1
Reverse Alchemy in Childhood: Turning Gold into Lead - an article by Vincent J. Felitti, MD
Summer 2000: Volume 7, Number 1
Your Words Make a Difference: Broader Implications for Screening - an article by Linda Chamberlain, PhD, MPH
Summer 1999: Volume 6, Number 2
Screening for Domestic Violence Changed My Practice - an interview with Leigh Kimberg, MD