Creating a Supportive Clinical Environment

Having materials related to violence prevention helps give patients the understanding that the health setting is a good place to talk.

Display educational posters addressing IPV, and healthy relationships that are multicultural and multilingual in bathrooms, waiting rooms, exam rooms, and other highly visible areas.

Have information including safety cards and referral lists on display in common areas and in private locations for patients, such as bathrooms and exam rooms. Include information that’s specific to multicultural resources and programs that serve LGTB communities and diverse ethnic groups. This information can be found on your state domestic violence coalition’s website. For a list of state coalitions, click here.

  • For sexual assault resources click here:  NSVRC, RAINN

Identify a private place to talk with patients where conversations cannot be overheard.

Train all staff
: Training staff to understand the dynamics of IPV and the importance of a supportive environment will also impact whether a patient feels comfortable disclosing something very personal.