Quality Improvement Goals

Quality Improvement Goals:

Clinics and systems should develop quality improvement goals to monitor the progress toward meeting the new recommendations on IPV. Clinical measures include:

  • Number of patients assessed (and/or why screening did not take place)
  • Number of patients that were provided a safety card or other educational materials as part of universal education and/or screening
  • Harm reduction strategies, supports and referrals provided

Your program can also measure system responses including: assessment methods, intervention strategies, network and training, self care and supports for staff, education and prevention and maintaining a safe environment for discussion of IPV. For example, Kaiser Permanente measures 3 things that every facility must have to make this work move forward: a clinic or medical center clinician champion, a multi-disciplinary team (which should include community advocacy representatives) and a clearly delineated referral protocol.

See links below for setting or program specific quality assurance tools:

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