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What will these new health guidelines mean for domestic/ sexual violence advocates?

The guidelines offer opportunities for deeper collaborations and coalition building with health providers, stronger referrals, and the potential for better outcomes for women.

It means taking our work to help end violence against women to a new level nationally.

They will also likely lead to increased demands for training, coalition building and referrals over time.

For a memo on the impact of recommendations on domestic and sexual violence programs click here.

Health professionals and IPV advocacy programs both have strong underpinnings in promoting social equality and wellness for women and children. It is important to acknowledge this shared strength, because it is also true health care and advocacy programs may have different philosophies and missions, and use different terminology that can be confusing or even conflicting. Given this, Futures in collaboration with partners across the country, has put together a series of links below to simplify how to develop successful collaboration across programming to improve the health of your clients.