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Coaching Boys into Men Media Campaign

The Coaching Boys Into MenSM campaign invites men to be part of the solution by teaching boys that violence never equals strength. See our latest Ad “Father and Son.”

In 2000 the Waitt Family Foundation, created by Gateway Computers founder Ted Waitt, partnered with the FVPF to find out why so few men were taking action against domestic violence. The results were eye-opening: the majority of men supported anti-violence efforts, but said they had never been asked to contribute to them actively. Men weren’t getting involved because they “didn’t feel welcomed or invited,” offered Judy Stafford of the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention, which together with the Verizon Foundation has supported the FVPF’s CBIM work for years.

In the years since 2000, profound lessons have been learned. Since that initial study, the FVPF and its partners have helped to foster the leap from just 29 percent of American men talking to boys about violence, to over 55 percent. Today, as we look back on these efforts, we are encouraged by the fact that more men are joining the cause. Today, we have a clearer sense of what works and what doesn’t, as well as what we need to do in the critical weeks and months ahead.

And while the increase of American men talking to boys is significant, we still have a long a way to go before Breaking 80. True progress toward ending violence against women and children will only be achieved when a critical mass of men are actively involved in the solution by talking to the boys in their lives. See the PowerPoint Presentation "How we're Breaking 80."