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Welcome to the Futures Without Violence Media Center! Here you’ll find our most current public awareness and education work. We’ve also included useful information, samples, and instruction for adapting the campaign and getting the PSAs on air in your community! Check back often to see what’s new.

Coaching Boys into Men

Coaching Boys Into MenSM invites men to be part of the solution by teaching boys that violence is wrong. Created in collaboration with the Advertising Council and in partnership with the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention, this successful campaign is working to transform attitudes and behavior motivating mutual respect for women and girls.

The Coaching Boys into MenSM  PSAs are available for educational use only. They may be used during presentations, in classrooms, and during discussions. For more information on legal requirements to use Futures Without Violence materials, campaigns, titles, information, etc., please see our Information Use Requirements

 For information on Coaching Boys into MenSM and how you can pring the program to your community, please visit

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There’s No Excuse for Domestic Violence

Imagine a place where every battered woman found the support she needed from her coworkers, friends, and neighbors to leave a violent relationship. A place where no one excuses abusive behavior and everyone is committed to being part of the solution. We can make this place a reality in our communities.

We believe that in order to stop domestic violence, it is necessary to change the social norms that allow domestic violence to exist in this country. There's No Excuse for Domestic Violence, launched in 1994, encouraged millions of people to question their tacit acceptance of domestic violence - and to begin to take action to stop it.

Domestic violence is everyone's business. Maybe you know someone who has faced domestic violence. Maybe you have experienced it yourself. Or maybe you think that domestic violence is simply wrong, and you want to do something about it.

The good news is domestic violence is a problem we can solve. There are things that each and every one of us can do to help.

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*These PSAs are no longer available for broadcast but can be used for educational purposes only.


It’s Your Business

It's Your Business was a twelve-part radio micro-drama centered around a fictional but realistic domestic violence trial, as reported and discussed on a radio call-in show. Ma B, the show's celebrated host, enjoys a large listenership in local African-American radio. With pointed commentary and dare-to-air antics, Ma B makes no topic taboo and speaks out on the sensitive issue of domestic violence against African-American women. Family violence prevention is a topic of personal importance to Ma B. She is a domestic violence survivor who escaped because a friend continued to talk to, support, and encourage her.


The World of the Radio Drama

Loyal listeners heard and discussed Ma B's show each week in different locations - the barbershop, a boutique, a car, an apartment, and the emergency room. The show is always heard through the filter of the individual radio receivers of Ma B's fictional listeners. Over the course of the series, real world listeners come to know the relatives and friends of fictional radio listener Charlise, who is being beaten by her husband James. Charlise's family members regularly listen to Ma B's show and decide they can no longer turn the other cheek to James' violence, after hearing Ma B speak out about the problem. They learn – along with Ma B's other listeners – how to reach out and support victims of domestic violence, as well as how to let abusers know that the community will no longer tolerate abuse.


Public Service Announcements

Ma B, a local radio talk show host, seizes the opportunity to discuss domestic violence issues through the trial of Damon DeCur, using the events in the news as catalysts for discussion on her program. Damon DeCur is a high-profile local businessman who is accused of assaulting his girlfriend, Denise Champion. Together, DeCur and Champion appeared publicly to have been the perfect couple. They were considered successful, prosperous, glamorous, attractive, well-educated and sophisticated. Few would have associated them with any stereotypical profile of couples dealing with domestic violence.

Click here to access the full 12-part script of It's Your Business Radio Drama.




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