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Susan Schechter Leadership Development Fellowship

The Susan Schechter Leadership Development Fellowship has been created to honor the rich history of dedication, ingenuity and compassion that are the hallmarks of the movement to end violence against women and children. It will strengthen and expand the knowledge base about how best to address violence in families, and foster new generations of leadership in the movement to stop violence against women and children.

Our current and fourth Fellow, Patricia Duncan Hall, is undertaking a project in the area of domestic violence and early childhood. In addition, we have expanded the Fellowship to include graduate schools with the creation of the Leadership development in anti-violence work: The Susan Schechter social action seminar. This groundbreaking social action seminar is an elective course and is being offered by Simmons College’s School of Social Work in Boston, MA, and University of Connecticut's School of Social Work. In the future, we plan offer to other schools nationally. Students enrolled in the course have the opportunity to learn about Susan’s innovative work and are encouraged to develop their own voices in the hopes of carrying on her legacy. To date, over 60 students have taken the class and have all provided positive feedback about the experience.

The Fellowship in her name has been supported thus far through the commitment of a few people who knew Susan well, and with a small amount of grant money. But we are far from fully funding a sustainable Fellowship program. We hope that you will honor Susan and support the next generation of leaders with a meaningful contribution.

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