When Will It End? Domestic Violence, Guns, and Women

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Although the shocking facts of the Las Vegas mass shooting are almost too much to fathom, there’s a sad reality that is almost certain to follow.

Despite the public outcry and media frenzy that has tracked the infamous shootings in Sandy Hook, Aurora, and Orlando, high-profile shootings don’t appear to lead to more support for gun control (Pew Research).

And based on the daily news that reports thousands of murder-suicides in the U.S each year, those tragic shootings of domestic partners aren’t moving us toward safer gun restrictions either.

guns & dv facts

So what can we do?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. But the remaining 11 months require as much awareness as this one. We must recognize the reality that more than half of all murders of women are committed with a gun. Guns that are easily bought and sold. Guns that are easily concealed.  And we must not give up the efforts to support policies that reduce access to guns.

Did you know that abused women are five times more likely to be killed if their abuser has a gun? You only have to look back at the last 10 days to learn that at least 10 men in the U.S. have shot their wife or girlfriend, and then turned the gun on themselves: Columbia, South Carolina. San Antonio, Texas. Bethesda, Maryland. San Francisco, California. Sunnyside, Washington. The list continues.

In the month ahead, we will share ways you can act soon so that we can move from awareness to taking action to end violence in all forms against women.