FUTURES Launches the OTHER Freshman 15

students studying

Today, we’re launching a social action campaign called The OTHER Freshman 15. A twist on the infamous weight gain during freshman year, it’s a web-based action that invites students, parents, and alumni to let college presidents all over the country know that they’re concerned about the escalating number of college assaults on our campuses.

Imagine you’re a freshman decorating your college dorm room this fall. Or a proud parent saying a tearful goodbye to their child during move-in weekend. It should be one of the most exhilarating times of a student’s life. And it will be. But according to the National Institute of Justice, one in five students will experience rape or sexual assault during their years at college. We think that’s unacceptable. And we hope you do too.

The email you can send to one of 1400 U.S. college or university presidents will outline three action items for presidents, and will help pave the way for change. If we work together, we can prevent and eventually end sexual assault on every campus in the country.