What the Kavanaugh Confirmation Process Meant for Survivors

scales of justice

The past several weeks have been painful and traumatic for the country, and they have been a turning point for survivors. Because of Christine Blasey Ford’s courage, fortitude and grace, many survivors of sexual violence found their voices. We are speaking out and demanding change, and that will continue. We will not be silenced again.

We thank Dr. Blasey Ford for her courage, her strength, and her truth, and we are grateful to every survivor who shared her or his experience. That gives strength and inspiration to others and builds resilience for us all. It is disgraceful that Dr. Blasey Ford did not get the real investigation she sought and absolutely deserved. As a result, a man who has been credibly accused of sexual assault now sits on our highest court.

We thank, as well, the many men – in Congress, in the public sphere, and in our communities – who stepped forward to join us in saying that sexual assault is wrong, that women must be believed, and that a fair process is essential. These men are vitally important allies in demanding meaningful change.

The fight for dignity, respect, and compassion for survivors will continue and we need better from our leaders. We note that, while the Violence Against Women Act was extended through a Continuing Resolution, Congress has failed to adopt the targeted fixes and modest enhancements we have long been asking for and badly need. Congress also has not yet reauthorized the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, which is essential.

If our children and grandchildren are able to have a future free from violence and abuse, this issue must become a much higher priority.


Esta Soler
Founder & President
Futures Without Violence