Making a Difference on Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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Today is the first day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

While we’ve made great strides to address this rampant issue (through legislation like the Violence Against Women Act, programs that help support survivors and victims of abuse, and efforts to teach young people about healthy relationships), there’s still so much work to be done. While violence against women can feel like an insurmountable issue, it’s not. There are things that we can all do to help chip away at the problem—during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and every day of the year.

Be a change maker in your community!




  • Teach your kids about healthy relationships early! Take a look at our teach early playbook for tips on talking to young people about violence against women. If you have a college-aged child, ensure that the university they’re attending (or could be attending in the future) is doing enough to prevent sexual assault on campus. Send an email to the college president now and take action.

Health Care Professionals

College Students

  • Educate yourself about the prevalence of sexual assault on your campus. Know your rights, and explore clubs and advocacy groups on campus to educate other students about the issue. Email your college president to ensure they’re doing enough to protect your safety. Or participate in your local Mudderella event to help raise money for Futures Without Violence, while having a blast!


  • Visit our Start Strong toolkit to implement a school-based program that promotes healthy relationships for middle schoolers.